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Why Crypto

We are at the Mercy of the System & Governments!

We are glad you asked that question because there are so many reasons we NEED crypto, lets take a look at where it all went wrong with this quick timeline of important dates..

1913- The Federal Reserve was conceived and in turn more taxes were introduced to the people

1933- The Gold confiscation act, this saw most of the populations lose their wealth as gold was purchased at 20 per ounce and then the very next day was valued at $35 per ounce. In essence removing 50% of ones wealth.

1971- The gold stamp was removed. This meant our dollar was no longer backed by gold but simply the belief and confidence in the paper it was printed on.

2008- The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) this essentially came down to manipulation and fraud in our financial system and should have been warning sign that this was no longer sustainable

2009- Under the pseudonym  Satoshi Nakamoto BITCOIN was created. Bitcoin is essentially an open source code created on technology known as the block chain. This has paved the way for a free trade and open market that is completely secure. This cannot be hacked or manipulated.

As you can see before 2009 we were at the mercy of the system, banks, wall street, big corporations and most of all fraud! Us as people had no say in what happened to our money  and essentially our lives, we were merely a “slave” to the system we were born in. Since the inception of Bitcoin people have started to realise that this can eliminate fraud, manipulation and control from large organisations giving us a much freer existence.

Bitcoin has paved the way for many other protocols that been created with everyday uses such as smart contracts, AI, ID’s, self automation and self driving cars. The technology behind many crypto currencies is what we are going to see change our world. It has the ability to change the way we currently interact with everything from our banking system to our political system.


Our team of experts understand the system and come from a vast array of backgrounds to help share their knowledge of how the system works.


Our trusted team has a detailed understanding how humanity has evolved to get to where we are, our team has been able to help 10’s thousands of everyday people exit the matrix over the last decade.


bdecentralised has had many successes over the last 15 years, being able to bring successful strategies in different areas to survive and prosper in all different economic market conditions.

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