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What is Bdcentralised?

Bringing crypto currencies to the masses

Bdcentralised is all about bringing crypto currencies to the masses. We want to give everyday people the chance to be wealthy and set themselves up to live the life they want.

Bdcentralised is headed by a team of experts who have made money through a variety of investment strategies over the last 15 years. We are now focused on the emerging market of crypto currencies and have dedicated our time to understand this new era of investment and we have also amassed considerable wealth from this space. We understand the financial services industry and see a void of information between this technology and advisors.

How can we help you?

There is no denying that crypto is changing the way business is done

We understand that crypto is a new technology however we want to arm you with the tools and research to provide the most positive outcome for your clients.

There is no denying that crypto is changing the way business is done and it has opened the door for mum and dad investors to get in at the grass roots and see an incredible return on their investment. As crypto is still in its early stages there is a lot of ill advice, spruikers who are giving people the wrong information and just looking at “pump and dump” schemes. Getting tailored and expert advice from investors is hard to come by and due to demand we have been able to open this platform to financial advisors. We offer this as part of the advisors overall strategy. We will have expert advisers on board to give you detailed advice not only on crypto but also strategies and other investments. We offer a number of different services which will help you deliver the best results for your clients

Services on Offer

  • Research material for SOA
  • Mentoring program with a trusted expert- This is a one on one program tailored to your requirements
  • On call Financial Advice for Advisers for seeking second opinions
  • Live lunch and learn events
  • Advisor to come out and have joint meetings with clients if required

The services that Bdecentralised offer for those part of our advisor community are a tailored approach. They are designed to complement your overall investment strategy for your clients and achieve the highest results.

Want Bdecentralised to come and speak with your business?

If you would like a member of our expert team to come and speak to your business about the future of crypto and the application for an overall investment strategy please email or simply register your interest below and we will contact you!

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