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About us


Not another “Bitcoin” site

We can’t deny it any longer we are in the midst of a revolution!

We know you have all heard of Bitcoin, it’s a buzz word at the moment and it is also one that carries a lot of scrutiny. Many people out there want to cash in on the ‘craze’ and are claiming to be experts, these are also the ones giving it a terrible name. We are not here to focus on “pump and dump’ schemes, we aren’t even here to focus solely on Bitcoin, we are here to focus on the technology behind crypto currencies and the enormous value it can add to all our lives.

We can’t deny it any longer we are in the midst of a revolution, the introduction of crypto currencies is changing the way our world operates and its happening now! The world we live in is constantly evolving and crypto is the next evolution it has the power to change to the banking system, way businesses operate and the even our current political system.

Our Story

Conceived out of the need & want to awaken people from the ‘system’

Bdecentralised was conceived out of the need and want to awaken people from the ‘system’ they have been born into and trained to accept. Our aim is to give you the knowledge and tools that will enlighten you and allow you a level of freedom and power never before seen.

We will be educating you on all different ways you can achieve this but we will be mainly focusing on the revolution that is crypto currency and how it can change your life. The team behind Bdecentralised are some of Australia’s most notable investors and they have dedicated their time to learn about this new technology, their strategies are tried and tested and have made them millions.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.“ – Henry Ford

About our Founder

Nathan Birch

Nathan Birch came from a humble background in a blue collar family, he purchased his first investment property at 18 making his first million dollars at the age of 21 and retired from the workforce at the age 24 and also in the midst of the GFC.

He grasped the concept of the Matrix at a young age, he was 13 when the movie came out and realised there was an issue with what we were been taught. Intrigued by money from a young age he chose to focus on this rather than what was been taught at school. He spent his time looking at the origins of money whilst becoming an avid collector of world currencies, he delved into the reasons why we had so many currencies and what the origins behind them were. He failed every grade from K-12 at his 12 year indoctrination camp and could never grasp the concept of working 40-50 years of your life in a job you hate to ‘just get by’. Understanding IT, Nathan received a University acknowledgement at the age of 15 in IT for his strong understanding of the computing system however not wanting to do his pledge of allegiance by going into UNI, he ventured into the workforce, working two full time jobs and ploughing his money into sound investments. These investments helped him build a large property portfolio and this is how he was able to exit the workforce.

Nathan found his days somewhat boring and decided he wanted to help others exit the Matrix by founding the Binvested group of companies consisting of everything from a law firm, accountancy business, Australia’s largest property invest firm, real estate offices nationally, a building company and a financial planning firm. Nathan has been apart of creating more millionaires then what lotto has through investing and sound strategies and he has been apart of over 10,000 real estate transactions.

Bdcentralised is Nathan’s next evolution in helping people live a freer existence, it is here to help awaken and educate people on a real world basis in order to achieve liberty and freedom along with financial freedom.

‘We are controlled by the system and inherently we are taught to obey without questioning’ – Nathan Birch


Our team of experts understand the system and come from a vast array of backgrounds to help share their knowledge of how the system works.


Our trusted team has a detailed understanding how humanity has evolved to get to where we are, our team has been able to help 10’s thousands of everyday people exit the matrix over the last decade.


bdecentralised has had many successes over the last 15 years, being able to bring successful strategies in different areas to survive and prosper in all different economic market conditions.

Our Courses

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.